Confused Pup

Last year, I was going through the "May" sketch exercises in my journal. On the last day of the month, I crafted a sketch that inspired me. It provided a path forward with a style of illustration that maintained the energy I like when I do pencil sketches - an energy that gets removed when I start to go over the pencil sketch with digital "ink". I wrote how I used the "Derwent" pencil in Procreate, followed it with Procreate's watercolor brushes, and finished with highlights using a Procreate brush called "Fat Pencil."

This started the same way: with the "Derwent" brush and then watercolor. But this time, I chose to use the RSCO Classic Inker brush over the pencil. I also purposely minimized the color palette to cream, orange, and violet. The results were fantastic. I forced myself to stay away from pure black-and-white; even the ink I chose was dark brown.

The piece has a timely 1960s and 70s children's book look and feel.