Project Overview

Email Redesign for a Motion Control Company

Client US Digital
  • V.P. of Sales and Marketing: Jim Stevens
  • Marketing Manager: Mindy Thompson
  • Email Designer
  • Developer

HTML for email is a process that has unique challenges over traditional web design. Because of this, the original US Digital email selections were inflexible and limited to a single layout. I needed to update both the visual design options, create additional templates and upgrade the underlying HTML to meet the needs of marketing.

I identified and established four different email types, three layouts and one specific to product notification. The results revealed the need for visual design changes, writing proper HTML for email, inserting code for template use and establishing a workflow plus documentation so that others could develop and send emails with these tools if needed.

This redesign finally allowed US Digital to incorporate email marketing as an additional option in their promotional arsenal. The broader selection of custom template types allowed anyone with basic web experience to create and launch an email campaign, a process that was impossible previously.

Notes The move to Campaign Monitor allowed design templates to be stored and accessed by marketing as needed.
IMAGE ABOVE, BEFORE THE REDESIGN: Example of the original email design. Though quite usable, when additional email layouts would be needed they had to be crafted by hand and tested for use in the company's proprietary internal email delivery system. This system did not allow for tracking or data management.
IMAGE ABOVE, AFTER THE REDESIGN: The move to Campaign Monitor and the development of multiple email template designs for a variety of message types. This allowed for flexibility and increased the use of "trackable" email for both important customer notifications and general marketing. This is an example of the single "hero" email marketing template.