Project Overview

Installation Video for a Motion Control Product

Client US Digital
  • V.P. of Sales and Marketing: Jim Stevens
  • Marketing Manager: Mindy Thompson
  • Narrator: Joshua Barton
  • 3D Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Instructional Designer

Simple visualization in a traditional installation video can be tricky to accomplish. Tools and fingers tend to conceal important details. When the installation has a variety of steps including a technical component, complexity increases along with any chances of error. My goal was to use narration and 3D animation to simplify a complicated installation process so that nearly anyone could do it.

By utilizing US Digital's available library of 3D models of their products, I was able to recreate the assembly process accurately by building virtual sets and establishing multiple camera angles timed to a scripted professional audio recording of the process.

Once a rough cut had been presented and approved, I added additional visual elements to instruct the viewer. Details like text call outs that emphasized any specific audio instruction and steps that highlighted processes, along with visual enhancements such as readouts from oscilloscope waveforms to simplify and aid in understanding.

Due to the success of this animated installation video, there's been a request to update all older, previously shot installation videos in the same manner.

Notes Finished video can be seen on youtube.
Storyboard developed from audio script with animation notation.
Frame from animation in progress. SolidWorks models were already available to animate.
Example of final animation frame with defined steps, text callouts to aid in comprehension, and oscilloscope waveform readout. Finished video can be viewed here.