Project Overview

UI/UX Design for a Web-based Publishing Application

Client OCP
  • Publisher: John Limb
  • Project Management: Paul Raspa
  • Graphic Designer
  • User Interface and Experience Designer

Our task was to create a web-based tool that allowed a customer to design, lay out, print, and store for later use, a program or bulletin for their church.

In 2006, interactive web solutions were limited to Flash applications. For technical reasons, that was not an option for us. We needed to design and deliver via the Internet.

By creating a wizard-based or step-by-step experience, we were able to hand-hold the customer through each step of the design process. Behind the scenes, the data necessary to ultimately print the page was being held at each point in the process, transparent to the customer. A PDF complete with sheet music, clip art and custom font treatments would be generated at the end of the session. Customers could also save and re-edit their favorites in a personal library.

With options like clip art, scriptural passages, and music selection, research revealed that just the instantly available sheet music from a large established in-house library for customer use ultimately proved to be the real killer application. That knowledge scaled the project back and made for a better user experience.

Notes PrintandPraise was eventually scaled back and lives on today as LicenSing Online.
PrintandPraise wireframe prototype describing music selection to container drag and drop process.
Wireframe for page selection and set-up.
Sample set of icons created for PrintandPraise project.
PrintandPraise home page mockup of subscription-based Song Print and Worship Program components.