Project Overview

Brand Redesign for a Liturgical Publisher

Client OCP
  • Publisher: John Limb
  • Director of Marketing and Sales: Erin Nieves
  • Marketing Manager: Monica Rada
  • Art Director
  • Branding Consultant
  • Creative Director
  • Lettering Artist: Susan Irish

OCP (formerly Oregon Catholic Press) is a Liturgical publisher established in 1922. Our brand challenge was to modernize the logo and brand mark while honoring the publisher's established look and feel.

The "dove", as the icon was known internally, would carry over to the new brand. We also decided to reduce the company name to its initials, "OCP" and a new tagline based on external research would be introduced as part of the redesign.

Custom-made, calligraphic letterforms became the perfect solution for their religious significance, musical quality, and overall warmth. We presented a variety of different dove icons, but the decision was made to soften and update the original instead as a bridge between the old and new look. The original dove icon also contained within it other religious symbolic elements that were carried over.

The OCP brand redesign has been successful in honoring its past by keeping the dove icon while the introduction of calligraphic letterforms better mirrors an organization that crafts music, and liturgical publications from within its walls. The tagline only further synthesizing these tenets.

Ultimately, the overall rebrand modernized and strengthened the company's mission and purpose while retaining its heritage.

Notes This brand mark has an alternate Spanish version, too.
Original branding with multiple treatments created competing sub-brands and confusion.
Exploring alternate branding elements.
Alternate dove elements were explored but the original was retained and only slightly modernized. The introduction of calligraphic letterforms immediately transformed and softened the entire design.
The final logo was designed to work across multiple mediums and scale accordingly.