Clark College

Starting in the Spring of 2005, I began teaching a basic Flash class along with Adobe Illustrator at Clark College. Today I teach courses I helped develop in web design and development with a focus on user experience.

  • CTEC 122 HTML Fundamentals, see syllabus
  • CGT 206 Web Design II
  • GRCP 121 Illustrator Fundamentals
  • GRCP 213 Motion Graphics and Animation: Flash
  • GRCP 230 Web Design and Authoring

The Art Institute of Portland

Prior to teaching at Clark College, I was adjunct faculty at the Art Institute of Portland. From 1998 until 2005 I taught the following courses...

  • CA 121 Two-dimensional Animation
  • GD 121 Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • GD 321 Web Design for Graphic Artists II
  • MM 136 Presentation Authoring
  • MM 151 Design for Multimedia Display
  • MM 261 Interactive Authoring
  • MM 273 Basic Web Design
  • MM 387 Multimedia and Animation
  • MM 407 Advanced Interactive Authoring
  • MM 427 Digital Portfolio